This week is National School Counseling Week.  Mart ISD is blessed to  have two of the best in the business!  Please reach out to these two ladies when you see them and let them know how much you appreciate all that they do.  

Counselor Spotlight - Mrs. Suttle, Mart Elementary

Mrs. Suttle has been with Mart ISD for 15 years serving as elementary and middle school counselor. She counsels students as needed, but her duties go far beyond her office. She teaches guidance lessons to PK-6th grade students teaching character traits. She also organizes special programs such as Cell Phone Sally, VOICE education programs, and Red Ribbon Week initiatives. Mrs. Suttle is loved by her students, both current & former, and Mart ISD appreciates all that she does for our district.

Counselor Spotlight - Mrs. Urive, Mart High School

Mart High School's Counselor is Mrs. Robyn Urive. This is Mrs. Urive's first year with Mart ISD, but the campus already considers her family. She has taken great care in meeting with each student one on one and discussing their future academic and career goals. She has grown the dual credit program and is currently creating career pathways in collaboration with MCC and Region 12 for our students to get a jump start on their post secondary readiness. She has been a great advocate for students in college testing, scholarships, and the application process, but also just life in general.  Mart ISD appreciates all that she does for our district.