Feature Family


I love Mart tradition! Our favorite part of being panthers is that the camaraderie and support of our Panther Family Village is lifelong, regardless of distance.

- Misty Lewis


Our favorite part of being a panther is knowing that someone always has your back. We are truly a #pantherfamily no matter what.

- The Romine Family


The best part of being a Panther is the Family Community within the school.

- The Beard Family


Our favorite part of being a panther is “the sense of ”family” and that everyone helps out when needed. We all root for each other!

- The Schaffer Family


I love being a part of something bigger than myself. Watching my students grow into adults is an amazing thing to see; being a panther means more than just being a teacher, it means being a part of a family and a part of a long standing tradition of excellence.

- Buffy Waldie


My favorite part of being a panther is my amazingly supportive fellow teachers, the community, and the small town atmosphere.

- Madison Poteet


It’s a blessing to help this community raise up the next generation of Panthers!

- The Pharris Family


Our favorite part of being a Panther is seeing our children partake in the same traditions we did growing up.

- The Family of Demi Holland


What we love most about being a Panther is how welcoming everyone has been since we moved to Mart and the small town community!

- The Farnsworth Family


Everyone is going the extra mile to care for each other and to lift students to be their very best.

- Mrs. Tammy Hansen


We couldn't imagine our family growing up anywhere else!

- The Family of Waylon Beaulieu & Knox Clay


Our favorite part about being a Mart Panther is the close knit community and inclusion of the entire town.

- The Family of Greer, McKenna & Olivia Goldberg


The best thing about being a Panther is the community that this small town has and how it comes together for one another!

- The Family of Levi Wallace


We’re so excited to continue the Panther legacy with our kids and the friends they make!

- The Family of Thatcher & Jensen Clay


Our favorite part of being a Mart Panther has been watching our own kids become a panther and experiencing all the traditions together!

- The Family of Lennon & Leyton Summers


Our favorite part of being a Mart Panther is the inclusion and attention given to ensure each student is successful.

- The Family of Blaise & Scarlett Minor


I think the best thing about living in Mart is the small town feel and all the opportunities offered for the kids to play sports.

- The Family of MJ & Lunezme Mancera


Our favorite part of being Mart Panthers is getting to cheer on our fellow Panthers and knowing that our girls are getting cheered for right back.

- The Family of Henley Summers


Our favorite part of being a Mart Panther is getting to see our friends and teachers!

- The Family of Riyah and Serenity Robinson


Our favorite thing about being a Panther is the strong sense of community. Mart has welcomed and embraced us with open arms. We love being Mart Panthers!

- The Family of Jarrett & Emma Hanna


Our favorite thing about Mart is the way everyone so quickly embraced our family and all of the special friendships we have made throughout the community. We could never imagine calling anywhere else home.

- The Family of Landon and Lucas Hitch


Once a panther, Always a panther. We are family!

- The Family of Javion & Jeremiah Shepherd


The school is my life. I love my entire Panther Family!

- Paula Abbott


Our favorite thing about being a Panther the sense of family that is found here in Mart and the sense of Pride that pushes Panthers to excel on and off the field.

- The Family of Landry & Lynley Murphy


Someone is always going to be there to support your child and you quickly become like family!

- The Family of Ke’Ari, Kailea, Tre, Kaiser, & Everly Stockton


The love and support from the teachers is impeccable. They ensure our panther babies are on the right track and always feel welcomed when they walk through those doors.

- The Family of Teodrick, Aubrie, and Darion Luedke


Our favorite part of being a Panther is the family vibe and long lasting traditions!

- The Family of Rory and Brody Skinner


We like that Mart is a small community where everyone knows everyone.

- The Family of Thomas Smith


Our favorite part of being a panther is how the community always shows up and supports each other.

- The Rose/York/Mendiola Family


We are so excited to see our children grow up in our hometown! It truly does take a village and we are thankful to join the mart ISD village.

- The Family of Hollynn Pavelka


Our favorite part of being a panther is that we feel very loved and cared for and like one big family!

- The Family of Eastyn Cornelius


Our favorite part of being a Mart Panther is we are all like family! Everyone takes care of everyone and we have each others back!

- The Family of Ajay Williams


Our favorite part of being a Mart Panther is the love, education, and support that we and our children always received as students within the district and the strong bonds made that have lasted a lifetime with fellow classmates and teammates.

- The Terry Family