Mart Elementary 3rd - 6th grade GT students completed their wax museum and robot expo projects today as they showed them off to staff, students, parents, and visitors.


Students chose which project to complete.

Students choosing robots were issued Edison robots to code and create. The robots proved to be very finicky when programming, teaching the students a lot about patience along the way. In the end, everyone had an operable robot to show off and demonstrate at the expo. They followed maze pathways, battled each other, and showed off their new skills.


The Robot Expo featured the following:

Rubberband Shooter - Jonesy Berger
Ed Tank - Landon Hitch
Ed Tank - Eleanor Schaffer
Ed Tank - Brooklyn Westbrook
Rubberband Shooter - Luke Williams
Ed Printer - Liam Hedlund
Ed Tank - Teodrick Williams
Free Style-Ed Base - Eastyn Cornelius
Musical Bot - Killian Narvaiz
Ed Robo Claw - Easton Summers


Wax museum projects chose an interesting person to research and present on. They completed a presentation board and then dressed as their character. When visitors pushed the "button" on their costume, they summarized their life or told an interesting fact.


The wax museum featured the following:

Queen Elizabeth II - Andie Matthies
Michael Jackson - Owen Byrd
George Washington - Gabriel Rodgers
Naamah (Noah's Wife) - Gracy Pharris
Neil Armstrong - Waylon Pankonien
Barry Sanders - Weston Hoefer
Sally Ride - Anastasia Cummings
Amelia Earhart - Corbyn Ferguson
T.J. Watt - Hayden Honeycutt
Lainey Wilson - Kailea Knight
Julie Andrews - Madeline Burnett
Ben Carson - Madi Batts
Pistol Pete Maravich - Brayden Allison
Dolly Parton - Ellie Williams
Taylor Swift - Harper Houston
Kobe Bryant - Jeremiah Truitt
Emma Watson - Josie Hoeffer
Adele Adkins - Layla Byrd
Babe Ruth - Levi Davis
Kim Mulkey - Makenzie Allison