Mart High School students competed in the UIL 2A District 18 Academic Contest on Monday in Axtell.  Many students placed in their contests, and 14 students will travel to Panola College next month to compete in Regionals.  Congratulations to all of these students.  We appreciate your hard work and dedication.  We're very proud of you!

1st - Wesley Carroll*
2nd - Savanna Fornash*
3rd - Thomas Smith*
5th - Macaria Brown*
Mart - 1st Place Team

Calculator Applications
1st - Jordan Vincent*
2nd - Macaria Brown*
4th - Savanna Fornash*
7th - Jayden Gilkey*
Mart - 1st Place Team

Computer Applications
1st - Ashlyn Nutt*
2nd - K'Maira Cleveland*

Copy Editing
6th - Mariah Mayes

Current Issues and Events

2nd - Heston Sauls*


6th - Trey Kalka

Feature Writing

2nd - Trey Kalka*
5th - Sara Gotcher
6th - Reagan Desmuke

Headline Writing
1st - Trey Kalka*


1st - Cody Cardwell*

News Writing
4th - Trey Kalka
5th - Reagan Desmuke

Number Sense
1st - Codey Cardwell*
3rd - Thomas Smith*
7th - Jackson Sheffield*
Mart 1st Place Team

Poetry Interpretation
1st - Savanna Fornash*
4th - K'Maira Cleveland
5th - Lanie Romine

Prose Interpretation
3rd - Marisela Blood*
5th - Saydi Durbin
6th - Layla Oliver

Ready Writing
6th - Chesney Brock

1st - MichaelPaul Loftice*
2nd - Jackson Sheffield*

Social Studies
6th - Caiden Arnett
10th - Annysia Rhidenour
12th - MichaePaul Loftice
12th - Coleman Arnett 
Mart - 3rd Place Team

Speech Team
Mart - 3rd Place

Journalism Team 
Mart - 1st Place

Mart - 2nd Place