Each year, Mart Elementary hires Sarah Aynesworth, etiquette consultant, to come present a lesson on manners to all 4th grade students. They learn skills such as 

  • how to set a table
  • the appropriate way to leave your silverware and napkin when you leave the table
  • not to put your elbows on the table
  • to put your napkin in your lap when you sit down
  • not to eat until everyone at the table is served
  • how to use a knife to cut your food

and much more....

Day 2 of this experience took place at The Chicken Place in Marlin on Valentine's Day. Mrs. Vickers had the dining room set up with goblets of iced tea and nice plates and cutlery where the kids could practice their new skills.  Each girl was paired with a boy who pulled out her chair for her. The students dressed nicely for the occasion and Mrs. Stone brought pretty decorations for the tables. On the menu was chicken tenders, mashed potatoes with cream gravy, green beans, roll, and a piece of chocolate sheet cake. Students were encouraged to use their knife and fork to cut their tenders. They used the dessert spoon for their chocolate cake. It was a very nice meal.

Overall, the 4th grade etiquette experience was a very nice treat and a great way to spend Valentine's Day!