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Varsity Football does not have a game this week

JV will play College Station HS Freshmen B team at 5 pm, Thursday, October 2, 2014 
Address for College Station HS is 4002 Victoria Ave College Station, TX

MS will play LaVega 8th grade here at 6 pm, Thursday, October 2, 2014
2014-15 Supply Lists
The latest school supply lists are now available on the Student & Parent Resources page.
MISD Employment Opportunities
Current job openings at MISD can be found on our Employment Opportunities page!

Mart School Song

On, old Mart High, on, old Mart High,
We are backing you.
Zeal unflagging, never lagging,
To our colors true.
When we begin it, we mean to win it,
Victory is our rule.
Bring honor, fame and glory
To our High School.
MISD Food Service
The latest menus are now available for download on the MISD Food Services page.

Mart Fight Song

Fight on for Mart High's honor
We will fight on (fight, fight, fight)
We will be fighting 'til the day is done
And when the dawn is breaking
We'll be fighting onward for
The purple and gold
Fight for old Mart High,
The team so bold

The Mart ISD School/Fight Song Music
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