Mart ISD Campus & District Improvement Plans

In order to guide the improvement of student performance, the district and each campus annually develop and/or revise continuous improvement plans. Committee members at both the campus and district levels include teachers, staff, district administrators, and community members.

Each MISD campus has a site-based decision-making committee or Campus Improvement Team (CIT) that helps to develop, review, and revise the campus improvement plan for the purpose of improving student performance for all student populations, including all special needs populations, based on the Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS).

The campus improvement plan:

  • assesses the academic achievement of all students
  • sets the campus performance objectives
  • identifies how campus goals will be met
  • determines the resources and identifies the staff needed to implement the plan
  • sets time lines for reaching the goals
  • measures progress
  • provides for a program to encourage parental involvement
  • includes goals and methods for violence prevention and intervention on campus
Each campus principal leads the CIT for their campus. Click on the links in the file library below to download individual campus improvement plans as well as the Mart Independent School District improvement plans.
Mart ISD provides a challenging learning environment that encourages success through an emphasis on self-discipline, motivation, and responsibility.