News from Mart ISD
Guidelines for In-Town Bus Riders
Students who ride the bus for in town pick-up and drop-off should be at the end of their streets where it intersects with Texas Ave.  Bus drivers do not drop off house to house.  If a street is not part of their normal route then students will only be dropped off and picked up off of Texas Ave. Drivers make several stops along Texas Ave., and you should make sure that your child knows which street to get off on.  It is the parent's responsibility to get their child from the drop off location safely home. If parents are bringing students to pick-up location in their vehicle, we are asking for them to go to the parking lot next to the First Methodist Church at Texas Ave. and N. Smyth.  This is for safety reasons.  Please do not stop at the stop signs along side streets to park and wait on the bus. Students need to be at pick up locations by 7:00 a.m. Please remind your children to please be cautious and aware of cars when entering and leaving the buses.  Reminder: Riding the bus is a privilege and all students are expected to be on their best behavior. They should talk in a normal conversation voice, and sit in their seat at all times leaving their hands to themselves.

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